Inspirational Speaker.

Movement Storyteller.

Human Being.

From Filipino dancing to physical theatre, hip hop to props, mechanical engineering to miming, street performer to speaker, Dianna David enjoys playing in all worlds. She infuses these experiences into her movement mastery through the manipulation of objects, props and her audiences into a world where stories of triumphs and transformations are spoken and shown. Her movement storytelling has been seen throughout the world for over a decade, holding the attention of around-the-world audiences of all sizes.

“Time and again, I have witnessed the transformational effect of storytelling . Stories have the power to conjure up emotions, evoke memories, tantalize the imagination, and shift perspectives. We use them to express our inner world, bestow wisdom, share insights on what was, and offer visions of what can be. Stories are how we connect to ourselves and each other, on a personal, cultural and human level. Stories are our birthright.”

Dianna David is one of the most unique storytellers you will ever see. She will mesmerize you with her musicality and dance moves, playfully pull at your heart strings while opening your mind to new perspectives, and will inspire you to take a closer look at the world around you to see that everything you have ever wanted is right at your fingertips.

All it takes is making the first move.