About the Show

DiANNA DAVID has lived many lives to tell. After leaving a successful, yet passionless, career as a mechanical engineer, a chance encounter with a little red ball changed her life forever. It wasn’t until she quit her job and turned her passions into purpose that she started reinventing her own definitions of success. Thus was born, “The Red Ball Movement”, with the mission question, “What’s YOUR red ball?”

This 45-minute one-woman show fuses her multi-disciplinary talents through characterization, prop manipulation, contact juggling, dance and comedy. 

Her passion to educate through entertainment has become a unique avenue for people to experience themselves differently. As a Transformational Entertainer, Inspirational Speaker, Creative Educator, Humanitarian, Freestyle Dancer and Human Being, she travels the world inspiring people of all ages to live a life of PLAY: Passion, Love, Art and Youthfulness. 


Her story will inspire you to take a closer look at the world around you and see that everything you have ever wanted is right at your finger tips. You just need to have the balls to reach for it.



One-Woman, Many Hats




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What to Expect

  • 45 min Show + QA

  • Performable Types: Indoor School Show, Outdoor Street Show and Theatre Multi-Media Show

  • An empowerment experience to help people realize they have something special to express, uniquely their own, their "Red Ball". If you put your heart into it, it becomes the dreams you've always wanted to come true. 

  • Types of Groups: Youth Groups, High School, College Groups. 

  • Lessons Explored:

    • Searching for identity

    • Being OK with being different

    • Mistakes are magical moments

    • There's no one else that can do it like you

    • Our Emotions are just Energy in Motion, they help us learn more about ourselves

    • We create our futures together​

  • Audience Engagement: DiANNA changes between 5 - 8 characters and demonstrates messages in Movement Storytelling. She invites audience members up to show off their creative expressions and pumps up the whole audience with movement & musical call and response expressions throughout the show. 

  • Motivation: To leave audiences with the enlivening experience of moving their bodies, seeing their future possibilities, and working joyously together to build a supportive community of growth. 


"Our students loved Dianna's performance!  She is very talented and diverse with her work and showed great passion in her performance.  The students are inspired by her words and creativity in her dance routines.  Her choreography for each act is engaging and motivating.  All of our staff thought it was amazing and would love to have her come back to our school.  Dianna's philosophy of movement and passion for sharing this importance to our students is inspiring. Thank you Dianna and crew!" 

- Katrina Wong, Florence Nightingale School







Artists on the Team

Amy Wilding, Technical Director is a multi-disciplinary artist with over 2 decades of experience both as an incredible performer and behind the scenes talent. Her stand up comedy and improv skills will leave you in stitches. She can be seen in season one of First Dates Canada and made it to the qualifying round of Canada's Got Talent. Amy has won numerous Stand Up Comedy awards for her witty banter and loveable characters. She has self-produced many of her own variety shows, including 'The Amy Wilding Show!' and is often compared to the famous Ellen Degeneres.

Laine Butler, Visual Graphics Designer is a Vancouver designer working in sound, visual performance, and commercial art.

Named as one of “BeatRoute’s 6 New Forms Festival 2016 must-see acts”, Laine has toured the BC festival circuit VJing for numerous artists at Shambhala Music and Art Festival and at Bass Coast’s legendary Slay Bay stage.

Laine’s graphic design work can be seen as the album cover for Time Wheel’s records recording artist XY!O release of “PLANS”, on the second issue cover of Bandpass online magazine or in print at the Vancouver Art Book Fair. His motion design work can be seen promoting local underground electronic music shows for Chapel Sound Music and Art Collective of which he is a founding member.

Having just completed an art residency at the Ismaili Centre, Burnaby, Laine intends to continue creating works of art that embolden and astound the synapses.

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Intro to Make M.O.V.E.S.

Dianna David's 5-step approach to enhancing performance on and off-stage.

Drama and theatre techniques used to express and communicate

Movement and dance

Get out of the mind and into the body opens us up to a deeper connection to self and others

Interactive Play

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Dianna's presence will liven any event. Invite her to create an uplifting, professional, and unforgettable experience at your next event.