21 days to shift

A guided online retreat to level up!

A creative spiritual journey to re-discover your inner freedom to live out your greatest self, learn about your valuable exchange and manifest your vibration everywhere. This interactive 21-day spiritual journey is aimed to create clarity for uncertain times and to re-empower your ability to design a life worth living. You´ll be guided through daily activations, movement practices, creative challenges and lessons of love. "Seek the natural way and it will come to you naturally" . During these uncertain times, I devoted myself to deepening my self-exploration journey as I redefine the next chapters after/during this COVID craze. By releasing videos of my own creative process and sharing it to all those ready to transform along side of me, it has fed me in getting clear in what I believe for myself and what I use as tools to keep realigning myself to my assignment. 



  • Self-Discovery

  • Mental decluttering and organization

  • Energetic clearing

  • Moving of energy and drama

  • Enhancement of adaptability

  • Re-centring belief structures


  • Clarity of direction

  • Performance and presence building

  • Abundance Mindset building

  • Multi-dimensional awareness

  • Artistic Expression


  • Understanding how to heal yourself

  • Awakening 5 Senses

  • Transforming Master Narrative

  • Re-orientation from Love Source

  • Articulation of purpose

  • Re-activation of friendship to all thing


  • Word Smithing

  • Manifestation of Magnetic Receiving

  • Course correcting and shaping

  • Movement & Play Exploration

  • Re-invention at any time

  • Catalytic cellular transformation

  • Self-Leadership, Integrity & Trust

  • Life learning training