Hey it's Belle!

Here's a bit of my Story:

  I was born into a Martial Arts background being blessed to have my Father be my Sensei, Coach & Hero.  Through my Practice, Training & Competing of 20+ years, I gained Skillsets within myself that stem into my everyday life.

  I created my own Business working with Children & Families always Encouraging Art, Play & Self Discipline.

  I have discovered my Voice through SOM, learning the Value in what I'm called to Bring to the Light.  I feel the Love & this is my main Intention. 


  To allow Children, Parents, Teachers and even myself, to open our HeArts & Express ourselves, bringing forth our Best from within.  Gaining a deeper connection to one another as we share a little more about ourselves through Dancing, Signing, Singing, Acting, Games, Laughter & Play. 


  My goal is to not tell or teach how it should be done....but rather Demonstrate a consistent unconditional way of Guiding these Children with a very strong & wise Moral Compass so they can continue their Expression Longevity from within.

  You may find my Music & Art for Free as my Gift to you at;


Love Always,


The Faculty of Freshness Crew will liven any space. Invite them to create an unforgettable learning experience for your next event!

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